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Government strongly condemns violent radicals storming Central Government Offices and blocking Lung Wo Road

     The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government today (December 1) strongly condemned the protesters taking part in unlawful assemblies for conspiring and organising the storming of police cordon lines and blockading access to the Central Government Offices (CGO) and Lung Wo Road. Such acts show blatant disregard for the law and endanger public safety.

     The Government spokesman reiterated that society would not accept the illegal acts of violent radicals who repeatedly pushed police officers and charged their cordon lines during scuffles last night and this morning. The spokesman added that these illegal acts have seriously disrupted public order and put the safety of police officers and protesters at stake.

     During the jostling, the violent radicals deliberately threw objects including water bottles, helmets and pepper powder at the police officers. They also used strong flashlights against police officers and attacked them with fire extinguisher spray. The violent radicals repeatedly provoked and verbally abused police officers and continuously incited others at the scene to charge the police cordon lines. To prevent the situation from deteriorating, the Police took resolute action by using appropriate force to stop these illegal acts and disperse and arrest those involved. However, the radical protesters ignored repeated police appeals and warnings and continued to charge the police cordon lines. Eleven police officers were injured during the incident and 40 persons have been arrested so far. Further arrests will be made.

     The Government strongly condemns the student groups for planning illegal assemblies and inciting protesters to charge towards the CGO repeatedly. The spokesman said a number of recent polls have revealed that the majority of the people hope that the protesters would leave the occupied sites as soon as possible and cease the blockades of roads. However, the relevant organisations went against the views of the majority and escalated the occupy actions, aggravating the damage to social order and sacrificing the overall interests of the Hong Kong people.

     On claims by the student groups that the blockade of the CGO will continue until the Government responds to their demands, the Government has reiterated repeatedly that any discussion relating to constitutional reform must be guided by the Basic Law and the decision of the National People's Congress Standing Committee. Deliberate disregard for and distortion of these important legal principles through building castles in the air would only delay the constitutional and democratic development of Hong Kong.
     The Government appeals to organisers of the illegal assemblies to stop their illegal acts immediately and ask all participants to remain calm and exercise restraint, stop provoking police officers and charging police check lines, and leave the scene peacefully and in an orderly manner. The Police will, in the light of the prevailing circumstances, continue to take appropriate action to restore public order and protect public safety.

Ends/Monday, December 1, 2014
Issued at HKT 13:19


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