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LCQ9: Management of electronic records

     Following is a question by the Hon Samson Tam Wai-ho and a written reply by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Henry Tang, in the Legislative Council today (July 6):


     It has been reported that various government departments need to print and file official electronic mails or documents at present.  In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:

(a) whether it has compiled statistics on the quantity of official electronic mails and documents printed and filed by various government departments last year, and of the quantity of paper used for that purpose; and

(b) given that the Government has started studies on electronic record management systems since 2001 and carried out a pilot run of an electronic recordkeeping system ("ERKS"), why to date ERKS is still unable to be put to formal use; whether it will conduct a study on this subject again shortly; if it will, of the details, including the timetable?



(a) Pending the full implementation of an electronic recordkeeping system (ERKS) in the Government, bureaux and departments (B/Ds) are required to convert e-mail records into printed form for management and storage in accordance with government records management policy. We do not have readily available information on the quantity of official e-mail records and documents printed and kept in B/Ds, or the quantity of paper used for that purpose.

(b) Since 2001, the Government Records Service (GRS) has been working in conjunction with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OCGIO) and the Efficiency Unit to formulate policy, strategies and standards for the effective management of electronic records.  The objective is to develop new records management practices and tools to assist B/Ds in managing both electronic and non-electronic records in an integrated, efficient and consistent manner.

     GRS has initiated a pilot project on ERKS and engaged a contractor to provide system implementation and related services.  Following system development, an ERKS pilot run commenced in some selected offices of OGCIO and the Transport Department in September 2007 and ended in September 2008.  The review of the pilot project has identified the need to undertake further work to address issues relating to electronic record management (ERM) and ERKS, including the development of a records management standard on metadata.  The Administration is following up on these issues.

     Separately, the government electronic information management (EIM) strategy was formulated in 2010 with ERM becoming an integral part of EIM.  In May 2011, OGCIO promulgated the government EIM strategy and EIM Framework for B/Ds to develop their EIM strategies, including the adoption of an ERKS as a mandatory component.  To this end, action is being taken to provide appropriate support to B/Ds to help them develop their organisational EIM strategies.

Ends/Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Issued at HKT 12:53


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