Government announces appointments to Advisory Committee on Mental Health

     The Government announced today (November 30) the appointment of Dr Lam Ching-choi as the new Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Mental Health (ACMH), as well as the appointment of eight new members and reappointment of 15 incumbent members, for a term of two years with effect from tomorrow (December 1).
     The eight newly appointed members are Dr Chang Wing-chung, Dr Peter Tsoi Ting-kwok, Dr Josephine Grace Wong Wing-san, Miss Chan Sau-kam, Miss Vicky Leung Pui-ki, Professor Paul Yip Siu-fai, Miss Linda Choy Siu-min and Miss Sara Tong See-pui, SC. 
     The Secretary for Health, Professor Lo Chung-mau, is pleased that Dr Lam has accepted the appointment as Chairman of the Advisory Committee, and that new members are joining the Advisory Committee. He said, "Dr Lam has had a long record of public service. With his extensive experience in healthcare and elderly issues, I am confident that the ACMH will build on past achievements and provide invaluable advice to the Government under his leadership. The newly appointed members have a wealth of experience and professional knowledge in their respective sectors. I look forward to working together with Dr Lam and all members in enhancing the mental health of the general public."
     Professor Lo also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing Chairman, Mr Wong Yan-lung, SC, who is about to complete his tenure, for his outstanding contribution to mental health policies and services. He said, "As the inaugural Chairman of the ACMH, Mr Wong Yan-lung, SC, has demonstrated exceptional leadership in steering the ACMH to formulate work plans from a broad perspective throughout his six-year tenure. He is committed to encouraging various service providers to explore ways to strengthen the modes in the provision of mental health services, and is particularly concerned about the mental health services for specific groups including students, carers of persons in mental recovery and ethnic minorities, and strives to enhance publicity and public education. He has made a significant contribution to the development of mental health services in Hong Kong. Under his leadership, the ACMH launched the 'Shall We Talk' mental health promotion and public education initiative; completed three city-wide mental health surveys; co-ordinated the Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme; and has actively followed up on the implementation of the recommendations under the 2017 Mental Health Review Report (Review Report)."
     Professor Lo expressed gratitude to the eight outgoing members, namely Professor Eric Chen Yu-hai, Ms Jamie Cheng Po-kwan, Dr David Lau Ying-kit, Mr Frederick Lai Wing-hoi, Dr Pamela Tin Sze-pui, Professor Samson Tse Shu-ki, Mr Banny Lau and Ms Yuen Shuk-yan, for their remarkable contributions to the ACMH during their tenure.
     Established in December 2017, the ACMH advises the Government on mental health policies, including the adoption of a more integrated and comprehensive approach to tackle multifaceted mental health issues, assisting the Government in formulating policies, strategies and measures, as well as following up on and monitoring the implementation of various recommendations of the Review Report, with a view to enhancing mental health services in Hong Kong.
     The membership of the ACMH from December 1 this year is as follows:
Dr Lam Ching-choi
Non-official members
Healthcare sector
# Dr Chang Wing-chung
* Dr Hung Se-fong
* Professor Patrick Ip Pak-keung
* Dr Carolyn Kng Poey-lyn
* Professor Linda Lam Chiu-wa
* Ms Jolene Mui
# Dr Peter Tsoi Ting-kwok
# Dr Josephine Grace Wong Wing-san
Social service and education sectors
# Miss Chan Sau-kam
* Mr Chua Hoi-wai
# Miss Vicky Leung Pui-ki
* Ms Rachel Leung Wai-ling
* Mr Ricky Leung Wai-kay
* Mr Tso Tat-ming
* Mr Terry Wong Chung-bao
# Professor Paul Yip Siu-fai
Lay persons
Miss Angel Chan Hoi-yi (Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth member)
* Ms Lily Chan
Mr Ikey Cheung Ho-yuen (Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth member)
# Miss Linda Choy Siu-min
* Dr Ferrick Chu Chung-man (Representative of Equal Opportunities Commission)
* Ms Shirley Marie Therese Loo
* Professor Naubahar Sharif
* Ms Barbara Tong
# Miss Sara Tong See-pui, SC
Ex-officio members
Permanent Secretary for Health or representative
Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare or representative
Permanent Secretary for Education or representative
Director of Health or representative
Director of Social Welfare or representative
Director (Cluster Services), Hospital Authority
Chairman, Coordinating Committee in Psychiatry, Hospital Authority
Principal Assistant Secretary (Health) 3 (Secretary)
# New appointments
* Reappointments 

Ends/Thursday, November 30, 2023
Issued at HKT 18:30