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Labour Department highly concerned about recent fatal occupational accidents
     The Labour Department (LD) is highly concerned about the recent spate of fatal occupational accidents. The LD is saddened by the death of workers in the accidents and expresses its deepest condolences to the victims' families.

     A spokesman for the LD said today (February 24), "There have been eight occupational fatalities so far this year, of which three occurred at construction sites while the rest happened at a shipyard, a carnival, the airport apron, a power station and an open car park. We are highly concerned about the situation."

     The spokesman said, "The LD is very concerned about these accidents. We commenced immediate investigation as soon as we were notified of the accidents and issued suspension notices to relevant duty holders to suspend the work processes concerned. We will complete investigation as soon as possible to identify the causes of the accidents and ascertain the liability of the duty holders. We will take actions pursuant to the law if there is any violation of the work safety legislation."

     The spokesman added, "After the accidents, the LD immediately contacted the employers concerned to follow up on the cases and remind them of their liability for employees' compensation under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance in regard to the employees who died in work accidents. We will spare no efforts to follow up on the cases and assist the family members to claim employees' compensation and introduce the services and relief funds, etc of the Social Welfare Department (SWD). For families with financial difficulties, we will assist them to apply for appropriate emergency funds. Subject to their needs and wishes, we will also refer them to the SWD for financial or other assistance."

     The LD has promulgated Work Safety Alerts through its website and email, giving brief accounts of the accidents concerned to contractors, trade associations, workers' unions, relevant trade organisations, professional bodies of safety practitioners, and more, and reminding them of the importance of adopting safety precautionary measures to prevent recurrence of similar accidents. The LD has also issued advisory letters to all relevant duty holders, urging them to step up measures to ensure the occupational safety and health of workers. They should conduct risk assessment for work processes, and devise appropriate systems of work and provide suitable personal protective equipment for employees.

     The LD will also step up inspection with special attention to the relevant workplaces and high-risk work processes to deter unsafe practices. Vigorous enforcement actions will be taken upon discovery of breaches of work safety legislation. In addition, the LD also continues to collaborate with industrial stakeholders to organise work safety promotional activities and safety seminars on different themes, in order to enhance the safety awareness of employers and employees.

     Furthermore, workers should, for the interests of themselves and their families, co-operate with their employers, adopt all safety measures and use protective gear properly to avoid endangering their own work safety and that of other workers.

     For any enquiries about occupational safety and health matters, please contact the Occupational Safety Officers of the LD on 2559 2297.
Ends/Friday, February 24, 2017
Issued at HKT 18:05
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